Commit 5a76664a authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

master: simplify recovery loop

parent b19bf40e
......@@ -58,35 +58,30 @@ class RecoveryManager(MasterHandler):
poll = app.em.poll
while 1:
allowed_node_set = set()
if pt.filled():
# A partition table exists, we are starting an existing
# cluster.
partition_node_set = pt.getReadableCellNodeSet()
pending_node_set = {x for x in partition_node_set
if x.isPending()}
if app._startup_allowed or \
partition_node_set == pending_node_set:
allowed_node_set = pending_node_set
node_list = pt.getConnectedNodeList
node_list = pt.getReadableCellNodeSet()
if app._startup_allowed:
node_list = [node for node in node_list if node.isPending()]
elif not all(node.isPending() for node in node_list):
elif app._startup_allowed:
# No partition table and admin allowed startup, we are
# creating a new cluster out of all pending nodes.
allowed_node_set = set(app.nm.getStorageList(
node_list = lambda: allowed_node_set
if allowed_node_set:
for node in allowed_node_set:
assert node.isPending(), node
if node.getConnection().isPending():
node_list = app.nm.getStorageList(only_identified=True)
node_list = node_list()
if node_list and not any(node.getConnection().isPending()
for node in node_list):
if pt.filled():
node_list = pt.getConnectedNodeList()
break'startup allowed')
for node in node_list:
assert node.isPending(), node
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