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......@@ -18,3 +18,37 @@ TODO
a handler, otherwise too tricky to exchange a handler with another
- Replication.
1. In zope:
a. Copy neo directory to /path/to/your/zope/lib/python
b. Edit your zope.conf, remove the `zodb_zb` section that refers to
FileStorage, and replace it with :
%import neo
<zodb_db main>
# Main FileStorage database
master_addr ""
master_port 10010
name "main"
mount-point /
c. Start zope
2. In a python script:
a. Set your PYTHONPATH in order to be able to import Zope lib:
$ export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/your/zope/lib/python:$PYTHONPATH
b. Just create the storage object and play with it:
from neo.client.NEOStorare import NEOStorage
s = NEOStorage(master_addr="", master_port=10010, name="main")
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