Commit 70dcd0fb authored by Grégory Wisniewski's avatar Grégory Wisniewski

Clean and unify information messages.

git-svn-id: 71dcc9de-d417-0410-9af5-da40c76e7ee4
parent 00f80e64
......@@ -65,9 +65,10 @@ class Application(object):
if partitions <= 0:
raise RuntimeError, 'partitions must be more than zero' = PartitionTable(partitions, replicas)
logging.debug('the number of replicas is %d, the number of ' \
'partitions is %d, the name is %s',
replicas, partitions,'Configuration:')'Partitions: %d', partitions)'Replicas : %d', replicas)'Name : %s',
self.listening_conn = None
self.primary = None
......@@ -105,9 +105,12 @@ class Application(object):
elif name !=
raise RuntimeError('name does not match with the database')
ptid = dm.getPTID()"Configuration: uuid=%s, ptid=%s, name=%s, np=%s, nr=%s" \
% (dump(self.uuid), dump(ptid), name, num_partitions,
num_replicas))'Configuration loaded:')'UUID : %s', dump(self.uuid))'PTID : %s', dump(ptid))'Name : %s', name)'Partitions: %s', num_partitions)'Replicas : %s', num_replicas)
def loadPartitionTable(self):
"""Load a partition table from the database."""
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