Commit 85600dbd authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Simplify code formatting state of partition table for logging

parent 3d83664e
......@@ -254,17 +254,11 @@ class PartitionTable(object):
partition on the line (here, line length is 11 to keep the docstring
width under 80 column).
result = []
node_list = sorted(self.count_dict)
result = ['pt: node %u: %s, %s' % (i, dump(node.getUUID()),
for i, node in enumerate(node_list)]
append = result.append
node_list = self.count_dict.keys()
node_list = [k for k, v in self.count_dict.items() if v != 0]
node_dict = {}
for i, node in enumerate(node_list):
uuid = node.getUUID()
node_dict[uuid] = i
append('pt: node %d: %s, %s' % (i, dump(uuid),
line = []
max_line_len = 20 # XXX: hardcoded number of partitions per line
cell_state_dict = protocol.cell_state_prefix_dict
......@@ -278,16 +272,10 @@ class PartitionTable(object):
if row is None:
line.append('X' * len(node_list))
cell = []
cell_dict = dict([(node_dict.get(x.getUUID(), None), x)
for x in row])
for node in xrange(len(node_list)):
if node in cell_dict:
if len(line):
cell_dict = dict((x.getNode(), cell_state_dict[x.getState()])
for x in row)
line.append(''.join(cell_dict.get(x, '.') for x in node_list))
if line:
append('pt: %0*u: %s' % (prefix_len, prefix, '|'.join(line)))
return result
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