Commit 8ef1ddba authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

fixup! client: discard late answers to lockless writes

Since commit 50e7fe52,
some code can be simplified.
parent a2e278d5
......@@ -105,22 +105,15 @@ class Transaction(object):
# conflict. Because we have no way to identify such case, we must keep
# the data in self.data_dict until all nodes have answered so we remain
# able to resolve conflicts.
data, serial, uuid_list = self.data_dict[oid]
data, serial, uuid_list = self.data_dict[oid]
except KeyError:
# 1. store to S1 and S2
# 2. S2 reports a conflict
# 3. store to S1 and S2 # conflict resolution
# 4. S1 does not report a conflict (lockless)
# 5. S2 answers before S1 for the second store
except ValueError:
# The most common case for this exception is because nodeLost()
# tries all oids blindly. Other possible cases:
# - like above (KeyError), but with S2 answering last
# - answer to resolved conflict before the first answer from a
# node that was being disconnected by the master
# tries all oids blindly.
# Another possible case is when we receive several positive answers
# from a node that is being disconnected by the master, whereas the
# first one (at least) should actually be conflict answer.
if lockless:
if lockless != serial: # late lockless write
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