Commit 902c7331 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Do not setup MySQL when threaded test is going to use BTrees

parent fbb71b46
......@@ -553,8 +553,13 @@ class NEOCluster(object):
index = count().next
db_list = ['%s%u' % (DB_PREFIX, self._allocate('db', index))
for _ in xrange(storage_count)]
if adapter == 'MySQL':
setupMySQLdb(db_list, db_user, db_password, clear_databases)
db = '%s:%s@%%s' % (db_user, db_password)
elif adapter == 'BTree':
db = '%s'
assert False, adapter
self.storage_list = [StorageApplication(getDatabase=db % x, **kw)
for x in db_list]
self.admin_list = [AdminApplication(**kw)]
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