Commit a33c624c authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

client: inline Application._loadFromCache

parent 87eca1e0
......@@ -397,7 +397,11 @@ class Application(ThreadedApplication):
while 1:
with lock:
result = self._loadFromCache(oid, tid, before_tid)
if tid:
result = self._cache.load(oid, tid + '*')
assert not result or result[1] == tid
result = self._cache.load(oid, before_tid)
if result:
return result
load_lock = self._loading[oid][0]
......@@ -465,16 +469,6 @@ class Application(ThreadedApplication):
Packets.AskObject(oid, at_tid, before_tid),
def _loadFromCache(self, oid, at_tid=None, before_tid=None):
Load from local cache, return None if not found.
if at_tid:
result = self._cache.load(oid, at_tid + '*')
assert not result or result[1] == at_tid
return result
return self._cache.load(oid, before_tid)
def tpc_begin(self, storage, transaction, tid=None, status=' '):
"""Begin a new transaction."""
# First get a transaction, only one is allowed at a time
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