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Update README with command line options instead of a configuration file.

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......@@ -48,22 +48,17 @@ Installation
a. Make neo directory available for python to import (for example, by
adding its container directory to the PYTHONPATH environment variable).
b. Create a configuration file for your cluster. You should have received
a self-describing configuration file along with the code, named
neo.conf .
b. Choose a cluster name and setup a MySQL database
c. Start all required nodes :
neomaster -c <your_neo.conf> -s <master_section_name>
neostorage -c <your_neo.conf> -s <storage_section_name>
neomaster -c <your_neo.conf>
neomaster --cluster=<cluster name>
neostorage --cluster=<cluster name> --database=user:passwd@host
neoadmin --cluster=<cluster name>
d. Tell the cluster it can provide service.
neoctl -a <ip:port of admin node> start cluster
This must be done each time the primary master changes. This will be
addressed in a future release.
neoctl start cluster
How to use
......@@ -79,7 +74,7 @@ How to use
<zodb_db main>
# Main FileStorage database
name main
connector SocketConnector
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