Commit c17f5f91 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

storage: only accept clients that are known by the master

Therefore, a client node in the node manager is always RUNNING.
parent d752aadb
......@@ -58,13 +58,6 @@ class ClientOperationHandler(EventHandler):
compression, checksum, data, data_serial)
def connectionLost(self, conn, new_state):
uuid = conn.getUUID()
node =
if # if running
assert node is not None, conn
def abortTransaction(self, conn, ttid):
......@@ -27,13 +27,12 @@ class IdentificationHandler(EventHandler):
def connectionLost(self, conn, new_state):
logging.warning('A connection was lost during identification')
def requestIdentification(self, conn, node_type,
uuid, address, name):
def requestIdentification(self, conn, node_type, uuid, address, name):
app =
# reject any incoming connections if not ready
if not
if not app.ready:
raise NotReadyError
app =
if uuid is None:
if node_type != NodeTypes.STORAGE:
raise ProtocolError('reject anonymous non-storage node')
......@@ -43,8 +42,13 @@ class IdentificationHandler(EventHandler):
if uuid == app.uuid:
raise ProtocolError("uuid conflict or loopback connection")
node = app.nm.getByUUID(uuid)
# If this node is broken, reject it.
if node is not None and node.isBroken():
if node is None:
# Do never create node automatically, or we could get id
# conflicts. We must only rely on the notifications from the
# master to recognize nodes. So this is not always an error:
# maybe there are incoming notifications.
raise NotReadyError('unknown node: retry later')
if node.isBroken():
raise BrokenNodeDisallowedError
# choose the handler according to the node type
if node_type == NodeTypes.CLIENT:
......@@ -52,20 +56,14 @@ class IdentificationHandler(EventHandler):
handler = ClientReadOnlyOperationHandler
handler = ClientOperationHandler
if node is None:
node = app.nm.createClient(uuid=uuid)
elif node.isConnected():
if node.isConnected(): # XXX
# This can happen if we haven't processed yet a notification
# from the master, telling us the existing node is not
# running anymore. If we accept the new client, we won't
# know what to do with this late notification.
raise NotReadyError('uuid conflict: retry later')
assert node.isRunning(), node
elif node_type == NodeTypes.STORAGE:
if node is None:
logging.error('reject an unknown storage node %s',
raise NotReadyError
handler = StorageOperationHandler
raise ProtocolError('reject non-client-or-storage node')
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
import unittest
from mock import Mock
from .. import NeoUnitTestBase
from neo.lib.protocol import NodeTypes, NotReadyError, \
from neo.lib.protocol import NodeStates, NodeTypes, NotReadyError, \
from import PartitionTable
from import Application
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ class StorageIdentificationHandlerTests(NeoUnitTestBase):
""" accepted client must be connected and running """
uuid = self.getClientUUID()
conn = self.getFakeConnection(uuid=uuid)
node =
node =, state=NodeStates.RUNNING)
master = (self.local_ip, 3000) = Mock({
'getAddress': master,
......@@ -1061,17 +1061,40 @@ class Test(NEOThreadedTest):
def testClientFailureDuringTpcFinish(self):
def delayAskLockInformation(conn, packet):
if isinstance(packet, Packets.AskLockInformation):
Third scenario:
C M S | TID known by
---- Finish -----> |
---- Disconnect -- ----- Lock ------> |
----- C down ----> |
---- Connect ----> | M
----- C up ------> |
<---- Locked ----- |
-- unlock ... |
---- FinalTID ---> | S (TM)
---- Connect + FinalTID --------------> |
... unlock ---> |
| S (DM)
def delayAnswerLockInformation(conn, packet):
if isinstance(packet, Packets.AnswerInformationLocked):
return True
def askFinalTID(orig, *args):
def _getFinalTID(orig, ttid):
return orig(ttid)
def _connectToPrimaryNode(orig):
conn = orig()
return conn
cluster = NEOCluster()
......@@ -1079,25 +1102,30 @@ class Test(NEOThreadedTest):
r = c.root()
r['x'] = PCounter()
tid0 = r._p_serial
with cluster.master.filterConnection( as m2s:
with as s2m:
Patch(ClientServiceHandler, askFinalTID=askFinalTID))
t.commit() # the final TID is returned by the master
r['x'].value += 1
tid1 = r._p_serial
self.assertTrue(tid0 < tid1)
with cluster.master.filterConnection( as m2s:
with as s2m:
Patch(cluster.client, _getFinalTID=_getFinalTID))
t.commit() # the final TID is returned by the storage backend
r['x'].value += 1
tid2 = r['x']._p_serial
self.assertTrue(tid1 < tid2)
with cluster.master.filterConnection( as m2s:
Patch(cluster.client, _getFinalTID=_getFinalTID))
# The whole test would be simpler if we always delayed the
# AskLockInformation packet. However, it would also delay
# NotifyNodeInformation and the client would fail to connect
# to the storage node.
with as s2m, \
cluster.master.filterConnection( as m2s:
s2m.add(delayAnswerLockInformation, Patch(cluster.client,
m2s.add(lambda conn, packet:
isinstance(packet, Packets.NotifyUnlockInformation))
t.commit() # the final TID is returned by the storage (tm)
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