Commit c611c48f authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

admin: fix monitoring timer after 2 identical consecutive checks

This fixes the bug that with only email notification, monitoring
stopped checking whether backup clusters are lagging after status is
unchanged since the last check (about lagging, what is compared is
the set of lagging backups). Until another event wakes up monitoring.

The code is also simplified in that there's no need for the moment to
have a different timeout between the normal case and a smtp failure.
parent 2f782572
......@@ -30,7 +30,6 @@ from neo.lib.exception import PrimaryFailure
from .handler import AdminEventHandler, BackupHandler, MasterEventHandler, \
from neo.lib.bootstrap import BootstrapManager
from neo.lib.logger import INF
from neo.lib.protocol import \
CellStates, ClusterStates, Errors, NodeTypes, Packets
from neo.lib.debug import register as registerLiveDebugger
......@@ -167,7 +166,6 @@ class Application(BaseApplication, Monitor):
email_from = None
self.email_from = formataddr(("NEO " +, email_from))
self.smtp_exc = None
self.smtp_retry = INF
self.notifying = set()
logging.debug('IP address is %s, port is %d', *self.server)
......@@ -321,10 +319,9 @@ class Application(BaseApplication, Monitor):
backup.monitor_changed = False
body = '\n'.join(body)
if changed or self.smtp_retry < time():
logging.debug('monitor notification')
email_list = self.email_list
while email_list: # not a loop
email_list = self.email_list
while email_list: # not a loop
if changed or self.smtp_exc:
msg = MIMEText(body + (self.smtp_exc or ''))
msg['Date'] = formatdate()
clusters, x = severity[1:]
......@@ -359,18 +356,18 @@ class Application(BaseApplication, Monitor):
self.smtp_exc = (
"\n\nA notification could not be sent at %s:\n\n%s"
% (msg['Date'], x))
retry = self.smtp_retry = time() + 600
self.smtp_exc = None
self.smtp_retry = INF
# The timeout is only to check whether a backup cluster is
# lagging and for that, the main cluster and at least one
# backup cluster must be operational. Else, remain passive.
if not (self.operational and any(monitor.operational
for monitor in self.backup_dict.itervalues())):
retry = time() + 600
self.em.setTimeout(retry, self._notify)
self.em.setTimeout(time() + 600, self._notify)
neoctl = self.asking_monitor_information
if neoctl:
del severity[my_severity][0]
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