1. 30 Nov, 2015 6 commits
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      Minimize the amount of work during tpc_finish · 7eb7cf1b
      Julien Muchembled authored
      NEO did not ensure that all data and metadata are written on disk before
      tpc_finish, and it was for example vulnerable to ENOSPC errors.
      In other words, some work had to be moved to tpc_vote:
      - In tpc_vote, all involved storage nodes are now asked to write all metadata
        to ttrans/tobj and _commit_. Because the final tid is not known yet, the tid
        column of ttrans and tobj now contains NULL and the ttid respectively.
      - In tpc_finish, AskLockInformation is still required for read locking,
        ttrans.tid is updated with the final value and this change is _committed_.
      - The verification phase is greatly simplified, more reliable and faster. For
        all voted transactions, we can know if a tpc_finish was started by getting
        the final tid from the ttid, either from ttrans or from trans. And we know
        that such transactions can't be partial so we don't need to check oids.
      So in addition to minimizing the risk of failures during tpc_finish, we also
      fix a bug causing the verification phase to discard transactions with objects
      for which readCurrent was called.
      On performance side:
      - Although tpc_vote now asks all involved storages, instead of only those
        storing the transaction metadata, the client has been improved to do this
        in parallel. The additional commits are also all done in parallel.
      - A possible improvement to compensate the additional commits is to delay the
        commit done by the unlock.
      - By minimizing the time to lock transactions, objects are read-locked for a
        much shorter period. This is even more important that locked transactions
        must be unlocked in the same order.
      Transactions with too many modified objects will now timeout inside tpc_vote
      instead of tpc_finish. Of course, such transactions may still cause other
      transaction to timeout in tpc_finish.
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      fixup! storage: fix pruning of data when deleting partial transactions during verification · cff279af
      Julien Muchembled authored
      This fixes a regression in commit 83fe64bf
      when ttrans has several rows to the same data_id.
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      ssl: consider connections completed after the handshake · aaefaf8b
      Julien Muchembled authored
      - Server connections can now be in 'connecting' state.
      - connectionAccepted event (which has never been used so far) is merged into
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      Review API betweeen connections and connectors · 57481c35
      Julien Muchembled authored
      - Review error handling. Only 2 exceptions remain in connector.py:
        - Drop useless exception handling for EAGAIN since it should not happen
          if the kernel says the socket is ready.
        - Do not distinguish other socket errors. Just close and log in a generic way.
        - No need to raise a specific exception for EOF.
        - Make 'connect' return a boolean instead of raising an exception.
        - Raise appropriate exception when answer/ask/notify is called on a closed
          non-MT connection.
      - Add support for more complex connectors, which may need to write for a read
        operation, or to read when there's pending data to send. This will be
        required for SSL support (more exactly, the handshake will be done in
        a transparent way):
        - Move write buffer to connector.
        - Make 'receive' fill the read buffer, instead of returning the read data.
        - Make 'receive' & 'send' return a boolean to switch polling for writing.
        - Tolerate that sockets return 0 as number of bytes sent.
      - In testConnection, simply delete all failing tests, as announced
        in commit 71e30fb9.
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