Commit 644b878c authored by Romain Courteaud's avatar Romain Courteaud

test: use SavedTestSuite

Reduce the test installation time.

It would be nice to include the configurator too.
parent 07969b44
# test_suite is provided by 'run_test_suite' # test_suite is provided by 'run_test_suite'
from glob import glob from glob import glob
from test_suite import ERP5TypeTestSuite from test_suite import SavedTestSuite
import os, subprocess, re import os, subprocess, re
import sys import sys
class OfficeJS(ERP5TypeTestSuite): class OfficeJS(SavedTestSuite):
""" """
""" """
_saved_test_id = "officejs_test:testOfficeJSAppstoreMixin"
def getTestList(self): def getTestList(self):
test_list = [] test_list = []
path = sys.path[0] path = sys.path[0]
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