Commit f5d74660 authored by Jérome Perrin's avatar Jérome Perrin

software.cfg: update slapos to 1.0.244

We have a test suite OfficeJS.Appstore.UnitTest-Master failing to
run since a few days with an error like this:

     $ /srv/slapgrid/slappart3/t/cag/i/5/bin/runTestSuite --help
     Traceback (most recent call last):
       File "../bin/runTestSuite", line 298, in <module>
         import Products.ERP5Type.tests.runTestSuite
       File "../parts/erp5/product/ERP5Type/", line 86, in <module>
         from Products.ERP5Type.Utils import initializeProduct, updateGlobals
       File "../parts/erp5/product/ERP5Type/", line 32, in <module>
         from past.builtins import cmp
     ImportError: No module named past.builtins

This is because with erp5 commit a17bb91030 (py2/py3: Make Products
code compatible with both python2 and python3., 2022-04-13) we have
a new dependency. That dependency is provided by the new SlapOS
software release, so ERP5 has a minimal requirement for this new
SlapOS software release.

These changes are about updating SlapOS software release. The old
version pins are no longer needed here, because SlapOS software
release provides them. SlapOS now comes with a newer version of Zope2
and also with their own patches to Zope2, so we use += to apply this
patch on top of SlapOS patches
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extends =
parts +=
......@@ -24,18 +24,8 @@ revision = 2bec764b6d7d223997e6558cbb251b6233b6f70d
extra-paths +=
Zope2-patches = ${officejs-appstore:location}/slapos/0001-Products-SiteAccess-handle-wildcard-on-rewrite-url.patch
Zope2-patch-options = -p1
Zope2-patches +=
oauth2client = 4.0.0
pyasn1-modules = 0.0.8
rsa = 3.4.2
seaborn = 0.7.1
statsmodels = 0.8.0
# patched eggs
Zope2 = 2.13.28+SlapOSPatched001
# Required by:
# statsmodels==0.8.0
patsy = 0.4.1
\ No newline at end of file
Zope2 =2.13.30+SlapOSPatched002
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