Commit 59892def authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov


As suggested by run manifest checker and oops,
it finds that we forgot to include pyproject.toml for testprog/golang_pyx_user:

    missing from sdist:
    suggested rules:
      recursive-include golang *.toml

-> Fix in generic way to include golang/*/*.toml

The bug was not affecting pygolang usage - only tests were
failing for sdist installed pygolang.
parent 4ca65816
include COPYING README.rst CHANGELOG.rst tox.ini pyproject.toml
include golang/libgolang.h
include golang/runtime/libgolang.cpp
recursive-include golang *.py *.pxd *.pyx
recursive-include golang *.py *.pxd *.pyx *.toml
recursive-include gpython *.py
recursive-include 3rdparty *.h
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