Commit 8399ff2d authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

time.pyx: Move misc nogil functions into under `cdef nogil` block

Just cosmetics - easier to oversee the code.
parent 873cf8aa
......@@ -244,17 +244,19 @@ pymillisecond = millisecond
pyminute = minute
pyhour = hour
cdef double now_pyexc() nogil except +topyexc:
return now()
cdef void sleep_pyexc(double dt) nogil except +topyexc:
cdef void _Ticker_stop_pyexc(PyTicker t) nogil except +topyexc:
cdef bint _Timer_stop_pyexc (PyTimer t) nogil except +topyexc:
return t._stop()
cdef void _Timer_reset_pyexc(PyTimer t, double dt) nogil except +topyexc:
cdef nogil:
double now_pyexc() except +topyexc:
return now()
void sleep_pyexc(double dt) except +topyexc:
void _Ticker_stop_pyexc(PyTicker t) except +topyexc:
bint _Timer_stop_pyexc (PyTimer t) except +topyexc:
return t._stop()
void _Timer_reset_pyexc(PyTimer t, double dt) except +topyexc:
cdef bint _callpyf(object f):
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