Commit b06ec3d4 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov Extension.depends += sync.pxd, time.pxd

Make built extensions depend on golang/{sync,time}.pxd and rebuild if
those files change. A bit overkill to depend globally, but more correct,
since an extension that is using pygolang can be using those packages.

Before the patch - without those depends - since distutils does not
implement proper dependency tracking, extensions - even those that
actually depend on sync/time pxd, were not rebuilt.

sync.pxd was missed to be added in 34b7a1f4 (golang: Expose Sema and
Mutex as public Python and Cython/nogil API). time.pxd was missed to be
added in ce8152a2 (pyx api: Provide sleep).
parent 8399ff2d
......@@ -166,6 +166,10 @@ def Extension(name, sources, **kw):
dependv.append('%s/golang/libgolang.h' % pygo)
dependv.append('%s/golang/_golang.pxd' % pygo)
dependv.append('%s/golang/__init__.pxd' % pygo)
dependv.append('%s/golang/sync.pxd' % pygo)
dependv.append('%s/golang/_sync.pxd' % pygo)
dependv.append('%s/golang/time.pxd' % pygo)
dependv.append('%s/golang/_time.pxd' % pygo)
kw['depends'] = dependv
# workaround pip bug that for virtualenv case headers are installed into
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