Commit fa667412 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

golang: tests: Use panic when testing "blocks forever"

Channels implementation will soon be moved to C and will become
independent from Python runtime. This way while pygolang will still be
providing panic, hooking in and raising arbitrary Python-level exception
will become problematic. -> Rework "blocks forever" tests to rely on
just panic to prepare for that.
parent 352628b5
......@@ -518,14 +518,9 @@ def bench_select(b):
# BlocksForever is used in "blocks forever" tests where golang._blockforever
# is patched to raise instead of block.
class BlocksForever(Exception):
def test_blockforever():
B = golang._blockforever
def _(): raise BlocksForever()
def _(): panic("t: blocks forever")
golang._blockforever = _
......@@ -536,15 +531,15 @@ def _test_blockforever():
z = nilchan
assert len(z) == 0
assert repr(z) == "nilchan"
with raises(BlocksForever): z.send(0)
with raises(BlocksForever): z.recv()
with panics("t: blocks forever"): z.send(0)
with panics("t: blocks forever"): z.recv()
with panics("close of nil channel"): z.close() # to fully cover nilchan ops
# select{} & nil-channel only
with raises(BlocksForever): select()
with raises(BlocksForever): select((z.send, 0))
with raises(BlocksForever): select(z.recv)
with raises(BlocksForever): select((z.send, 1), z.recv)
with panics("t: blocks forever"): select()
with panics("t: blocks forever"): select((z.send, 0))
with panics("t: blocks forever"): select(z.recv)
with panics("t: blocks forever"): select((z.send, 1), z.recv)
def test_func():
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