Commit 3dc25c00 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled

Add 2 new experimental commands: re6st-cn & re6st-geo

parent ee745d9b
import sqlite3, sys
import os; sys.path[0] = os.path.dirname(sys.path[0])
from re6st import utils
from OpenSSL import crypto
with open("/etc/re6stnet/ca.crt") as f:
ca = crypto.load_certificate(crypto.FILETYPE_PEM,
network = utils.networkFromCa(ca)
db = sqlite3.connect("/var/lib/re6stnet/registry.db")
for x in sys.argv[1:]:
a, b = x.split('/')
except ValueError:
prefix = x
b = int(b)
prefix = bin(int(a))[2:].zfill(b)
except ValueError:
a = utils.binFromIp(a)
assert a.startswith(network)
prefix = a[len(network):b]
a = db.execute("select * from cert where prefix=?", (prefix,)).fetchone()
b = network + prefix
b = '%s/%s' % (utils.ipFromBin(b), len(b))
if a:
subject = crypto.load_certificate(crypto.FILETYPE_PEM, a[2]).get_subject()
print "%s\t%s\t%s" % (b, a[1], ''.join('/%s=%s' % x for x in subject.get_components()))
print "%s\t-" % b
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