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TODO update

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URGENT => Name ideas :
resnet ( for Resiliable NET )
rsnet ( Resiliable Scalable NET )
......@@ -10,35 +11,5 @@ To be done :
Write docstrings for all class/methods/functions
Handle corrupt peers DB gracefully
To be discussed:
U : Babel seems to be very long to establish the routes : maybe we should
tell him thant we are not on a wired network but on a mobile network ?
G : babel establish routes quickly enough i'd say. There are two new
options : hello and wireless, for hello_interval and treating all
interfaces as wireless. However, treating an interface as wireless
doesn't lessen the hello_interval, it only changes how babel estimates
quality link, and cost.
U : from babel web page : "When the Babel daemon detects a wired network,
it will use a larger interval between hellos".
Moreover, it seems that the wireless option only means
"hostile environment" which seems best for a resilient network.
30 sec of hello interval seams also too much. The default value for
babel is 4 sec (from babel man page).
According to raphael's stats on the nexedi's server downtime,
45% of the problems dont last more than 2 minutes, 55% no more than
3 minutes If it takes 2 min to detect a dead connection, then we wont be
solving many problems with our overlay network
G : ok, so babel hello-interval should be set to a lower value,
we should do some tests to pinpoint the best compromise between
speed and bandwith usage.
Btw, is there a doc ( pdf, image, file ) resuming Raphael's stats
on nexedi's server downtime ? it could be useful for the internship
G : It takes babel between 3 times and 4 times the hello interval to
reestablish connection, if a direct link is cut
U : So we have to reduce the hello interval. 2min to detect a dead link is
far too much.
G : k
Project name ?
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