Commit 7c638d8d authored by Ulysse Beaugnon's avatar Ulysse Beaugnon

A peer now only advertise itself to 3 other peers at evry refresh

parent f44fb44c
import os, traceback, time, subprocess, logging
import socket
import sets
import random
import plib
import utils
......@@ -125,13 +127,15 @@ class TunnelManager:
def _countRoutes(self):
logging.debug('Starting to count the routes on each interface...')
possiblePeers = sets.Set([])
for iface in self._iface_to_prefix.keys():
self._connection_dict[self._iface_to_prefix[iface]].routes = 0
for line in open('/proc/net/ipv6_route'):
line = line.split()
ip = bin(int(line[0], 16))[2:].rjust(128, '0')
if ip.startswith(self._network):
if (ip.startswith(self._network) and
not ip.startswith(self._network + self._prefix)):
iface = line[-1]
subnet_size = int(line[1], 16)
logging.trace('Route on iface %s detected to %s/%s'
......@@ -143,7 +147,10 @@ class TunnelManager:
logging.debug('A route to %s has been discovered on the LAN'
% (hex(int(prefix), 2)[2:]))
self._peer_db.blacklist(prefix, 0)
for ip in random.sample(possiblePeers, min(3, len(possiblePeers))):
logging.debug("Routes have been counted")
for p in self._connection_dict.keys():
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