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What is RenderJs?
# RenderJS
A JavaScript library which helps modularizing your HTML5 code and your JavaScript for Browser.
RenderJS is a promised-based JavaScript library for developing modularized single page web applications. It uses HTML5 to specify self-contained components consisting of HTML5, CSS and Javascript (called "gadgets"). Gadgets are reusable in different applications just as easily as linking an HTML5 page to another and can combined to build complex applications.
### RenderJS Documentation
Documentation is available at
The documentation can be found on [](
### RenderJS Quickstart
git clone
npm install
grunt server
> git clone
> npm install
### RenderJS Code
> grunt server
RenderJS source code is hosted on Gitlab at []( (Github [mirror]( - please use the issue tracker on Gitlab)
### RenderJS Test
You can run tests after installing and building RenderJS by opening the */test/* folder
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