Commit 955d4db1 authored by Rafael Monnerat's avatar Rafael Monnerat

Include support to ca files for shacache

  ca file is required for work with Python>=2.7.9
parent 47d7a87e
......@@ -66,11 +66,12 @@ class NetworkCache:
self.dir_url = get_('upload-dir-url')
self.cache_url = get_('upload-cache-url')
self.signature_private_key_file = get_('signature_private_key_file')
self.shacache_ca_file = get_('shacache-ca-file')
self.shacache_cert_file = get_('shacache-cert-file')
self.shacache_key_file = get_('shacache-key-file')
self.shadir_cert_file = get_('shadir-cert-file')
self.shadir_key_file = get_('shadir-key-file')
self.shadir_ca_file = get_('shadir-ca-file')
if network_cache_info.has_section('shacache'):
self.directory_key = network_cache_info.get('shacache', 'key')
......@@ -97,10 +98,13 @@ class NetworkCache:
# convert '' into None in order to call nc nicely
with NetworkcacheClient(self.cache_url, self.dir_url,
signature_private_key_file=self.signature_private_key_file or None,
shacache_ca_file=self.shacache_ca_file or None,
shacache_cert_file=self.shacache_cert_file or None,
shacache_key_file=self.shacache_key_file or None,
shadir_cert_file=self.shadir_cert_file or None,
shadir_key_file=self.shadir_key_file or None,
shadir_ca_file=self.shadir_ca_file or None,
) as nc:
return nc.upload(file_descriptor, key, **metadata_dict)
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