Commit fd5114d1 authored by Łukasz Nowak's avatar Łukasz Nowak

Expose SHA512SUM on successful upload

This gives user the possibility to check what was uploaded to shacache.
parent dcafc514
......@@ -236,12 +236,17 @@ class Signature:
'token': ''.join([choice(ascii_lowercase) for _ in range(128)])
if shacache.upload(path=path,
self.log('Uploaded %s to cache (using %s key).', path, shacache.directory_key)
if shacache.upload(path=sha256path,
metadata_dict=metadata_dict, is_sha256file=True):
self.log('Uploaded %s to cache (using %s key).', sha256path, shacache.directory_key)
sha512sum = shacache.upload(path=path, metadata_dict=metadata_dict)
if sha512sum:
'Uploaded %s to cache (using %s key) with SHA512 %s.', path,
shacache.directory_key, sha512sum)
sha512sum_path = shacache.upload(
path=sha256path, metadata_dict=metadata_dict, is_sha256file=True)
if sha512sum_path:
'Uploaded %s to cache (using %s key) with SHA512 %s.', sha256path,
shacache.directory_key, sha512sum_path)
self.log('Fail to upload sha256file file to cache.')
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