CHANGES.SlapOS.txt 720 Bytes

- Improve on the fly patches so that specified patches are
  automatically applied on required eggs as well.


- Fix setup-eggs option in :develop.


- Support environment in :develop as well.
- Support on the fly patches in zc.recipe.egg by ``EGGNAME-patches``,
  ``EGGNAME-patch-options``, ``EGGNAME-patch-binary`` (or
  ``patch-binary``) and ``EGGNAME-patch-revision`` options.
- Support on the fly patches in zc.recipe.egg:custom by ``patches``,
  ``patch-options``, ``patch-binary`` and ``patch-revision`` options.
  (options ``EGGNAME-*`` are also supported as well).
- Add setup-eggs option in :custom and :develop.