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This directory is (an experimental) place to manage Launchpad
specification bodies. Files here are referenced (via
URLs) from the buildout project specifications in Launchpad,
Reproduceable (taggable) buildouts
It's important to be able to tag a buildout in a software repository
in such a way that, months, or even years later, the buildout tag can
be checked out and used to construct the same collection of parts,
with the same versions. (Note that parts could still nehave
differently due to changes in parts of the environment, such as system
libraries, not controlled by the buildout.)
A feature of the buildout is it's use of eggs and the automatic
resolution of dependencies. The latest versions of dependencies are
automatically downloaded and installed. This is great during
development or when using the buildout for casual software
development, but it doesn't work very well for repoduceablity.
What's needed is some way to, when needed, record information about
the versions of eggs (and any other bits) whos versions are determined
We'll add a buildout option, create-repeatable. The option will
specify a file into which option information should be saved to create
a repeatable buildout. The data will be saved in a form that can be
used by the buildout or recipes in a later run. To make a tagged
buildout, a user would run the buildout with the record-versions
option set to a file name and then modify the buildout to be
extended-by this file.
Consider the following example buildout.cfg::
parts = foo
recipe = zc.recipe.eggs
eggs = foo
Now assume that:
- The current version of foo is 1.1
- Foo depends on bar =, which depends on baz. The current versions of
bar and bas are 1.1 and 2.1.
- The current version of eek is 1.5
- eek depends on ook, which is as version 1.3.
- zc.recipe.egg is at version 1.0b5
If we run the buildout with the command-line option::
we'll get a repeatable.cfg file that looks something like::
recipe = zc.recipe.eggs ==1.0b5
static = true
eggs = foo ==1.1
bar ==1.1
baz ==2.1
eek ==1.5
ook ==1.3
The file contains options for the foo part. The buildout software
itself added an entry for the recipe that fixes the recipe version
at the version used by the buildout.
The zc.recipe.eggs recipe added the eggs option that lists the
specifoc releases that were assembled.
Finally the buildout.cfg file can be modified to use the
repeatable.cfg file::
parts = foo
extended-by: repeatable.cfg
recipe = zc.recipe.eggs
eggs = foo
When the buildout is run, the options in repeatable.cfg will override
the onces in buildout.cfg, providing a repeatable buildout
Python API
The recipe API will grow a repeatable method that is called after the
install method and is passed a dictionary that a recipe can store
option data in. A recipe instance will only be able to provide repeatable data
for it's part.
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