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Simple Language for Accounting and Provisioning python library.

How it works
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The SLAP main server which is in charge of service coordination receives from participating servers the number of computer paritions which are available, the type of resource which a party is ready provide, and request from parties for resources which are needed.

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Each participating server is identified by a unique ID and runs a slap-server daemon. This daemon collects from the main server the installation tasks and does the installation of resources, then notifies the main server of completion whenever a resource is configured, installed and available.
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The data structure on the main server is the following:

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 * A - Action: an action which can happen to provide a resource or account its usage
 * CP - Computer Partition: provides a URL to Access a Cloud Resource
 * RI - Resource Item: describes a resource
 * CI - Contract Item: describes the contract to attach the DL to (This is unclear still)
 * R - Resource: describes a type of cloud resource (ex. MySQL Table) is published on
 * DL - Delivery Line: Describes an action happening on a resource item on a computer partition
 * D - Delivery: groups multiple Delivery Lines