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slapformat is an application to prepare SlapOS-ready node to be used inside SlapGrid Cloud.

It "formats" the machine by:

 - creating users and groups
 - creating bridge interface
 - creating needed tap interfaces
 - creating TUN interfaces
 - creating needed directories with proper ownership and permissions
 - (optional-manager) creating cgroup resource tree for slapos

It reads configuration from /etc/opt/slapos/slapos.cfg and formats computer
accordingly. The variables are number of partitions, IP addresses, storages
and network interfaces.

Format uploads a into configured SlapOS Master server.

Format dumps allocated resources for the partition into a JSON file per 
partition ~/.slapos-resource. This file contains network interfaces, 
IP address ranges and port ranges. The resource constraints can be 
recursively folded. 

Pluggable parts for formatting are available too. They are called Managers
and can be turned on/off via configuration property manager_list.

This program shall be only run by root.


Linux with IPv6, bridging and tap interface support.


 * brctl
 * groupadd
 * ip
 * useradd