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    grid: new shared_part_list config file option · 5cbd70bc
    Jérome Perrin authored
    This new option for slapos.cfg allow to define a list of paths to use
    for shared parts feature of `slapos.recipe.cmmi`.
    This will be injected in the buildout profile used to install software,
    as `${buildout:shared-part-list}` which is the option `slapos.recipe.cmmi`
    use since 0.11.
    Note that the option changed in `slapos.recipe.cmmi` because this was
    incompatible. In 0.10, the option was named `${buildout:shared-parts}` and
    it was supposed to be a single path. `slapos.recipe.cmmi` 0.10 was trying
    to create this path. If we continued using this `${buildout:shared-parts}`
    option and changed to passe a newline-separated list of paths, then
    `slapos.recipe.cmmi` would just create one directory with \n in the name
    and will probably fail, which would make all software from 1.0.73 to 1.0.121
    not installable on next `slapos.core`, so we used another buildout option
    to prevent this problem.
    Because generally, profiles using slapos.recipe.cmmi 0.10 were not
    "safely" shared, we don't even provide compatibility with old option.
    /reviewed-on !46
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