Commit 2f34172d authored by Tomáš Peterka's avatar Tomáš Peterka Committed by Rafael Monnerat

[proxy] Fix implementation of getRootPartition to return root partition instead of None

parent aad13817
......@@ -554,17 +554,21 @@ def getAllocatedSlaveInstance(slave_reference, requested_computer_id):
return execute_db(table, q, args, one=True)
def getRootPartition(reference):
"""Climb the partitions tree up by 'requested_by' link to get the root partition."""
p = 'SELECT * FROM %s WHERE reference=?'
parent_partition = execute_db('partition', p, [reference], one=True)
while parent_partition is not None:
parent_reference = parent_partition['requested_by']
if not parent_reference or parent_reference == reference:
reference = parent_reference
partition = execute_db('partition', p, [reference], one=True)
assert partition is not None, "Nonexisting partition \"{}\". Known\n{!s}".format(
reference, execute_db("partition", "select reference, requested_by from %s"))
parent_partition = execute_db('partition', p, [partition['requested_by']], one=True)
while (parent_partition is not None and
parent_partition['requested_by'] and
parent_partition['requested_by'] != reference):
partition = parent_partition
reference = parent_partition['requested_by']
parent_partition = execute_db('partition', p, [reference], one=True)
return parent_partition
return partition
def requestNotSlave(software_release, software_type, partition_reference, partition_id, partition_parameter_kw, filter_kw, requested_state):
instance_xml = dict2xml(partition_parameter_kw)
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