slap: Add OpenOrder.getInformation() and OpenOrder.getOpenOrderList().

parent 0885ba5f
......@@ -97,6 +97,16 @@ class IRequester(Interface):
request('', 'typeA', 'mysql_1')
def getInformation(partition_reference):
Get informations about an existing instance.
If it is called from a Computer Partition, get informations
about Software Instance of the instance tree.
partition_reference -- local reference of the instance used by the recipe
to identify the instances.
class IBuildoutController(Interface):
Classes which implement IBuildoutController can report the buildout run
......@@ -501,3 +511,8 @@ class slap(Interface):
Get the list of Software Releases from a product or from another related
Sofware Release, from a Software Product point of view.
def getOpenOrderDict():
Get the list of existing open orders (services) for the current user.
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