Commit 5df361ef by Cédric de Saint Martin

fixup! slapos.proxy: fix slave requests.

1 parent d4a595c2
......@@ -640,6 +640,7 @@ def requestSlave(software_release, software_type, partition_reference, partition
q += ' AND reference=?'
# instance_guid should be like: %s-%s % (requested_computer_id, partition_id)
# But code is convoluted here, so we check
instance_guid = filter_kw['instance_guid']
if instance_guid.startswith(requested_computer_id):
a(instance_guid[len(requested_computer_id) + 1:])
......@@ -567,8 +567,7 @@ class TestSlaveRequest(MasterMixin):
# First request of slave instance
name = 'MyFirstInstance'
requester = 'slappart2'
our_slave = self.request('http://sr//', None,
name, requester, shared=True)
our_slave = self.request('http://sr//', None, name, requester, shared=True)
self.assertIsInstance(our_slave, slapos.slap.ComputerPartition)
self.assertEqual(our_slave._connection_dict, {})
# Get updated information for master partition
......@@ -585,6 +584,18 @@ class TestSlaveRequest(MasterMixin):
self.assertIsInstance(our_slave, slapos.slap.ComputerPartition)
self.assertEqual(slave_address, our_slave._connection_dict)
def test_slave_request_instance_guid(self):
Test that instance_guid support behaves correctly.
Warning: proxy doesn't gives unique id of instance, but gives instead unique id
of partition.
partition = self.request('http://sr//', None, 'MyInstance', 'slappart1')
slave = self.request('http://sr//', None, 'MySlaveInstance', 'slappart1',
shared=True, filter_kw=dict(instance_guid=partition._instance_guid))
self.assertEqual(slave._partition_id, partition._partition_id)
class TestMultiNodeSupport(MasterMixin):
def test_multi_node_support_different_software_release_list(self):
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