Commit 6316da76 by Tomáš Peterka

Improve some comments

1 parent cd9b672c
......@@ -321,7 +321,10 @@ class Software(object):
class Partition(object):
"""This class is responsible of the installation of an instance
"""This class is responsible of the software installation into an instance.
It has nothing in common with `slapos.format.Partition` which is executed as root and
prepares underlaying system to accomodate an software release afterwards.
retention_lock_delay_filename = '.slapos-retention-lock-delay'
retention_lock_date_filename = '.slapos-retention-lock-date'
......@@ -925,7 +925,12 @@ stderr_logfile_backups=1
def processComputerPartition(self, computer_partition):
Process a Computer Partition, depending on its state
Apply configuration received from SlapOS Master to given partition.
This function takes care only of Software Releases installed inside
partitions. It is different from `slapos.format.Partition` processing.
:param computer_partition: slapos.slap.slap.Computer,
computer_partition_id = computer_partition.getId()
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