Commit 7909bac3 authored by Rafael Monnerat's avatar Rafael Monnerat

slapos_accounting: Subscription Requests generate a first payment with several months upfront.

parent f2f4ba6a
......@@ -35,11 +35,14 @@ def newOpenOrder(open_sale_order):
def storeWorkflowComment(document, comment):
portal.portal_workflow.doActionFor(document, 'edit_action', comment=comment)
def calculateOpenOrderLineStopDate(open_order_line, hosting_subscription):
def calculateOpenOrderLineStopDate(open_order_line, hosting_subscription, start_date_delta):
end_date = hosting_subscription.HostingSubscription_calculateSubscriptionStopDate()
if end_date is None:
# Be sure that start date is different from stop date
next_stop_date = hosting_subscription.getNextPeriodicalDate(hosting_subscription.HostingSubscription_calculateSubscriptionStartDate())
# Consider the first period longer (delta), this allow us to change X days/months
# On a first invoice.
next_stop_date = hosting_subscription.getNextPeriodicalDate(
hosting_subscription.HostingSubscription_calculateSubscriptionStartDate() + start_date_delta)
current_stop_date = next_stop_date
while next_stop_date < now:
# Return result should be < now, it order to provide stability in simulation (destruction if it happen should be >= now)
......@@ -90,7 +93,7 @@ if open_sale_order is not None:
assert current_start_date == hosting_subscription.HostingSubscription_calculateSubscriptionStartDate()
# First check if the hosting subscription has been correctly simulated (this script may run only once per year...)
stop_date = calculateOpenOrderLineStopDate(open_order_line, hosting_subscription)
stop_date = calculateOpenOrderLineStopDate(open_order_line, hosting_subscription, start_date_delta=0)
if current_stop_date != stop_date:
# Bingo, new subscription to generate
......@@ -151,17 +154,24 @@ if (add_line_list):
edit_kw = {}
subscription_request = hosting_subscription.getAggregateRelatedValue(portal_type="Subscription Request")
# Define the start date of the period, this can variates with the time.
start_date_delta = 0
if subscription_request is not None:
# Quantity is double because the first invoice has to
# charge for 2 months
edit_kw['quantity'] = subscription_request.getQuantity()
edit_kw['price'] = subscription_request.getPrice()
edit_kw['price_currency'] = subscription_request.getPriceCurrency()
# While create move the start date to be at least 1 months
# So we can charge 3 months at once.
start_date_delta = 65
stop_date=calculateOpenOrderLineStopDate(open_sale_order_line, hosting_subscription),
hosting_subscription, start_date_delta=start_date_delta),
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