Commit 8f392e0a by Łukasz Nowak Committed by Rafael Monnerat

slapproxy: Support keys with NULL in slave instance

Just like reference implementation support empty keys.

/cc @rafael 

This makes slapproxy behave the same way as SlapOS Master for empty keys while requesting slaves.

/reviewed-on !96
1 parent b7f58c64
......@@ -689,8 +689,7 @@ def requestSlave(software_release, software_type, partition_reference, partition
new_slave['slave_reference'] = slave_reference
for key in partition_parameter_kw:
if partition_parameter_kw[key] is not None:
new_slave[key] = partition_parameter_kw[key]
new_slave[key] = partition_parameter_kw[key]
# Add slave to partition slave_list if not present else replace information
slave_instance_list = partition['slave_instance_list']
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