Commit a9f0db18 by Alain Takoudjou

[slapos_web_deploy] add support for ubuntu bionic

parent 6f45e99e
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ fi
# Warn users who aren't on an explicitly supported distro, but allow them to
# override check and attempt installation with ``export FORCE=yes``
if [[ ! ${DISTRO} =~ (wheezy|jessie|trusty|vivid|xenial|rhel7|rhel6|LinuxMint-17.2|f20|f19|f26|artful|stretch) ]]; then
if [[ ! ${DISTRO} =~ (wheezy|jessie|trusty|vivid|xenial|bionic|rhel7|rhel6|LinuxMint-17.2|f20|f19|f26|artful|stretch) ]]; then
echo "WARNING: this script has not been tested on $DISTRO"
if [[ "$FORCE" != "yes" ]]; then
die $LINENO "If you wish to run this script anyway run with FORCE=yes"
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