Commit f95ca3cc authored by Cédric de Saint Martin's avatar Cédric de Saint Martin

merge slapconsole_simplifications

parents 3caff17d f3f2a4cc
......@@ -89,13 +89,15 @@ class Config:
raise ValueError('master_url is required.')
def init(config):
"""Initialize Slap instance, connects to server and create
"""Initialize Slap instance, connect to server and create
aliases to common software releases"""
slap = slapos.slap.slap()
key_file=config.key_file, cert_file=config.cert_file)
local = globals().copy()
local['slap'] = slap
# Create aliases as global variables
alias = config.alias.split('\n')
software_list = []
for software in alias:
......@@ -103,9 +105,13 @@ def init(config):
name, url = software.split(' ')
local[name] = url
# Create global variable too see available aliases
local['software_list'] = software_list
# Create global shortcut functions to request instance and software
local['request'] = lambda software_release, reference: \
slap.registerOpenOrder().request(software_release, reference)
local['supply'] = lambda software_release, computer: \
slap.registerSupply().supply(software_release, computer)
return local
def request():
......@@ -144,7 +150,16 @@ def run():
"""Ran when invoking slapconsole"""
# Parse arguments
usage = """usage: %s [options] CONFIGURATION_FILE
slapconsole allows you interact with slap API.""" % sys.argv[0]
slapconsole allows you interact with slap API. You can play with the global
"slap" object and with the global "request" method.
examples :
>>> # Request instance
>>> request(kvm, "myuniquekvm")
>>> # Request software installation on owned computer
>>> supply(kvm, "mycomputer")
>>> # Fetch instance informations on already launched instance
>>> request(kvm, "myuniquekvm").getConnectionParameter("url")""" % sys.argv[0]
config = Config()
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