1. 23 Oct, 2019 3 commits
  2. 10 Oct, 2019 1 commit
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      standalone: fix support of recursive slapos · 2baa2125
      Jérome Perrin authored
      When having more than one read_only_shared_part_list, the template was
      first rendered with indentation and then dedented, but since dedent only
      remove the common indentation, we ended up with slapos.cfg like this:
      $ cat /data/slappart11_testnode/cqg/inst/test0-9/tmp/etc/slapos.cfg
                  software_root = /data/slappart11_testnode/cqg/inst/test0-9/tmp/soft
                  instance_root = /data/slappart11_testnode/cqg/inst/test0-9/tmp/inst
                  shared_part_list =
                  master_url =
                  computer_id = local
                  root_check = False
      First dedent, then render the template to prevent this issue. Apply this to
      other uses of textwrap.dedent for consistency.
      /reviewed-on !140
  3. 09 Oct, 2019 1 commit
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      slapos_subscription_request: Add erp5_commerce as dependency · 229dd31e
      Boxiang Sun authored
      When the testnode installing `slapos_subscription_request`, it reports:
      2019-10-08 19:09:59,997 INFO     runTestSuite: Adding erp5_web_renderjs_ui business template ... (imported in 2.513s) done (21.342s)
      2019-10-08 19:09:59,997 INFO     runTestSuite: Adding slapos_subscription_request business template ... (imported in 2.692s) Traceback (most recent call last):
      2019-10-08 19:10:00,008 INFO     runTestSuite: ValueError: "commerce_validation_workflow" is not a workflow ID
      I found the `commerce_validation_workflow` is inside `erp5_commerce` bt. So I add `erp5_commerce` as the dependency of `slapos_subscription_request`.
      /reviewed-on !141
  4. 08 Oct, 2019 1 commit
  5. 07 Oct, 2019 3 commits
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      Release 1.5.0 · 013d6c87
      Jérome Perrin authored
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      grid: new shared_part_list config file option · 5cbd70bc
      Jérome Perrin authored
      This new option for slapos.cfg allow to define a list of paths to use
      for shared parts feature of `slapos.recipe.cmmi`.
      This will be injected in the buildout profile used to install software,
      as `${buildout:shared-part-list}` which is the option `slapos.recipe.cmmi`
      use since 0.11.
      Note that the option changed in `slapos.recipe.cmmi` because this was
      incompatible. In 0.10, the option was named `${buildout:shared-parts}` and
      it was supposed to be a single path. `slapos.recipe.cmmi` 0.10 was trying
      to create this path. If we continued using this `${buildout:shared-parts}`
      option and changed to passe a newline-separated list of paths, then
      `slapos.recipe.cmmi` would just create one directory with \n in the name
      and will probably fail, which would make all software from 1.0.73 to 1.0.121
      not installable on next `slapos.core`, so we used another buildout option
      to prevent this problem.
      Because generally, profiles using slapos.recipe.cmmi 0.10 were not
      "safely" shared, we don't even provide compatibility with old option.
      /reviewed-on !46
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      Standalone SlapOS and Slapos instance TestCase · 2699ab6a
      Jérome Perrin authored
      This is about replacing the `utils.py` we have duplicated in each software release tests by a more "official API".
      This introduce a  "sandalone slapos API" which are helpers around slapos API to create a recursive SlapOS. This can eventually replace implementation of erp5testnode and slaprunner (but there are no plans for that)
      /reviewed-on !64
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