Commit 26b21b05 authored by Łukasz Nowak's avatar Łukasz Nowak

Fix "Ignore bad signature certificates with message"

Append loaded_certificate in the try block, so it does not result with
"UnboundLocalError: local variable 'loaded_certificate' referenced before assignment"
parent c758f22d
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......@@ -216,9 +216,9 @@ class NetworkcacheClient(object):
for certificate in signature_certificate_list or ():
loaded_certificate = crypto.load_certificate(crypto.FILETYPE_PEM, certificate)
except Exception as e:'Ignored wrong certificate, reason:\n%s, offending certificate:\n%s', e, certificate)
# NetworkcacheClient context manager catches all exceptions and logs them
# with INFO severity. This provides a easy way to use a networkcache safely
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