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Direct to file, as this is for programmers.

Indeed, some day documentation shall be written, as soon as API will be defined.
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The goal of libnetworkcache python library is to abstract the HTTP calls.
It works as wrapper of python httplib to use the Networkcache HTTP Server.
......@@ -8,31 +8,15 @@ The Networkcache HTTP Server are sub-divided into two Web services:
It is a simple HTTP Server used to cache files.
It is a simple HTTP Server used to cache information, working like a directory.
__init__(shacahe, shadir)
urls for shacache and shadir.
upload(file, directory_key=None, **kw)
''' Upload the file to ShaCache Server'''
If directory_key is not None, upload add a new key to the shadir server.
'''Download a file from shacache
Raise FileNotFound if file is not found
'''Download a file from shacache by selecting the entry in shadir
Raise DirectoryNotFound if multiple files are found
Please see slapos/
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