Commit 0af9bfef by Alain Takoudjou

Revert "Configure dirty_ratio and dirty_background_ratio for better disk caching"

This reverts commit e6c2e9d3.

1 parent 4242c112
- include: uploadlog.yml
- include: rerun.yml
- name: set dirty ratio
sysctl: name="vm.dirty_ratio" value=10 sysctl_set=yes state=present reload=yes
- name: set dirty background ratio
sysctl: name="vm.dirty_background_ratio" value=5 sysctl_set=yes state=present reload=yes
- name: Create /etc/opt dir
file: dest=/etc/opt mode=775 state=directory
......@@ -32,4 +27,4 @@
- include: hostname.yml
- include: user.yml
- include: sudo.yml
- include: ssh.yml
\ No newline at end of file
- include: ssh.yml
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