Commit 274b8a7c by Alain Takoudjou

Merge branch 'logging' into 'master'

Logging into master

Changes to set eth1 as default routes when ansible configure IMT vm

See merge request !10
2 parents 780f9780 c7fac123
......@@ -58,6 +58,9 @@
- name: adding entry from workspace
lineinfile: dest=/etc/resolv.conf line="nameserver"
- name: Delete default nameserver
lineinfile: dest=/etc/resolv.conf line="nameserver" state=absent
- name: ping current host
script: ping host {{ lookup('file', '/etc/opt/ipv4') }} {{ lookup('file', '/etc/opt/hostname') }}
when: hostname_file.stat.exists == True
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
when: netconfig_file.stat.exists == True
ignore_errors: True
- include: network.yml
- include: hostname.yml
- include: user.yml
- include: sudo.yml
- name: Download network geteway ip
get_url: url= dest=/etc/opt/gateway mode=666
ignore_errors: True
- name: stat /etc/opt/gateway
stat: path=/etc/opt/gateway
register: gateway_file
- name: Check default route
shell: /sbin/ip route list | grep default
register: default_route
ignore_errors: True
- name: Check interface eth1 exists
shell: /sbin/ifconfig | grep eth1 | wc -l
register: iface_eth1
- name: Delete default route to eth0
command: /sbin/ip route del default
when: gateway_file.stat.exists == True and iface_eth1.stdout == '1' and 'eth0' in default_route.stdout
- name: Set eth1 as default route
command: /sbin/ip route add default via {{ lookup('file', '/etc/opt/gateway') }} dev eth1
when: gateway_file.stat.exists == True and iface_eth1.stdout == '1' and not 'eth1' in default_route.stdout
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