Commit 6c8d5c52 authored by Kristopher Ruzic's avatar Kristopher Ruzic

Now uploads log files

Uses a slapos webrunner as the server. Pretty simple but it does its job. Can be set as a cron for every 5 seconds, or I'll add a sleep()
parent f1fe241b
import os
import sys
import time
import requests
......@@ -26,16 +27,40 @@ def dir_date():
class uploader():
url = 'http://[2001:67c:1254:e:a9::bafb]:9000/post'
# takes a file name and contents to append. Generates server file_path (where it should be saved on server)
def upload_file(self, file_name, contents):
values = {'file_path': dir_date() + file_name, 'contents': contents}
r =, data=values)
def scan_files(files):
with open("lines", 'r') as myfile:
software_line = myfile.readlines()
software_line = [0] * len(files)
with open("lines", 'w'):
place = 0
for f in files:
print software_line[place]
print software_line
with open(f, 'r') as myfile:
new_lines = myfile.readlines()[software_line[place]:]
with open("lines", 'a') as myfile:
myfile.write(str(software_line[place]) + str(len(new_lines)))
print "Uploading " + f + "..."
c.upload_file(os.path.basename(f), new_lines)
print f + " finished uploading!"
place += 1
print "Files uploaded"
if __name__ == "__main__":
c = uploader()
c.upload_file("blah", "new test content")
files = ["/opt/slapos/log/slapos-node-software.log", "/opt/slapos/log/slapos-node-format.log", "/opt/slapos/log/slapos-node-instance.log"]
# event_handler = MyHandler()
# observer = Observer()
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