Commit 833b5c18 by Rafael Monnerat

Fix standalone-shared

parent 7ff6877b
- name: create partition script
template: src=request-instance.j2 dest=/tmp/playbook-request-erp5-cluster mode=700
- name: Supply and Request ERP5 Cluster
shell: cat /tmp/playbook-request-erp5-cluster | slapos console
......@@ -3,13 +3,13 @@
template: src={{ request_instance_template }} dest=/tmp/playbook-request-{{ playbook_name }} mode=700
- name: Supply and Request ERP5 Cluster
shell: /tmp/playbook-request-{{ playbook_name }} | slapos console
shell: cat /tmp/playbook-request-{{ playbook_name }} | slapos console
- name: create erp5-show
copy: src=erp5-show dest=/usr/local/bin/erp5-show mode=755
- name: Add startup script
copy: src={{ playbook_name }}-startup dest=/usr/local/bin/{{ playbook_name }}-startup mode=755
template: src=start-script.j2 dest=/usr/local/bin/{{ playbook_name }}-startup mode=755
- name: Add to rc.local
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