Commit 862adc84 authored by Kristopher Ruzic's avatar Kristopher Ruzic

Merge test-suite from test-repo, remove unneeded parts

Updates how we're determining what software to install, and adjusts cronjob
parent 8dcd8f3d
- file: path=/opt/ansible-install state=directory mode=0755
- stat path=/opt/ansible-install/software
register: software_release
- name: download software_release name
get_url: url=
- name: download log_uploader
get_url: url=
- name: run ansible playbook
shell: ansible-playbook "{{ lookup('file', {{ software_release }}) }}" -i hosts
- name: add log_uploader to cron
cron: name="Ensure log_uploader is running"
- name: install watchdog
shell: easy_install watchdog
- name: install pip
shell: easy_install pip
- name: install python requests from pip
shell: pip install requests
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