Commit 96f9d021 authored by Łukasz Nowak's avatar Łukasz Nowak

playbook: Use copy module instead of shell+echo

It is ansible standard and allows to set file mode.
parent 8d126cdb
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
include_vars: erp5-common.yml
- name: Store public IPv4 for other scripts
shell: echo "{{ ansible_default_ipv4.address }}" > /tmp/playbook-public-ipv4
copy: content="{{ ansible_default_ipv4.address }}" dest=/tmp/playbook-public-ipv4 mode=0644
- name: create instance request script
template: src={{ request_instance_template }} dest=/tmp/playbook-request-{{ playbook_name }} mode=0700
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