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default: new 'init' option

The purpose is to replace colletive.recipe.shelloutput

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......@@ -4,12 +4,13 @@
.. contents::
Recipe to build the software.
The default recipe can be used to execute ad-hoc Python code at both
init & install phases.
Example buildout::
Example buildout that builds software::
parts =
......@@ -83,6 +84,19 @@ For example::
# will print “%(foo)s”
Using the init option::
recipe =
init =
import os
options['foo'] = os.uname()[4]
bar = ${section-one:foo}
It is also possible to use both `init` & `script` in the same section.
Pure download
......@@ -268,18 +268,28 @@ class Script(EnvironMixin):
except KeyError:
self.options['location'] = os.path.join(
self.script = self.options['script']
format = options.get('format', 'yes') in TRUE_LIST
init = options.get('init')
self.script = options.get('script')
if self.script:
if self.options.get('format', 'yes') in TRUE_LIST:
if format:
self.script = self.script % self.options
elif not init:
raise zc.buildout.UserError('either init or script is required')
if self.options.get('keep-on-error', '').strip().lower() in TRUE_LIST:
self.logger.debug('Keeping directories in case of errors')
self.keep_on_error = True
self.keep_on_error = False
EnvironMixin.__init__(self, False)
if init:
if format:
init = init % options
exec(init, {'self': self, 'options': options, 'env': self.environ})
def install(self):
if not self.script:
return ""
location = self.options['location']
if os.path.lexists(location):
self.logger.warning('Removing already existing path %r', location)
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