Commit 90cad43d by Nicolas Wavrant

resiliencytestsuite: try to find a stable state to test promises

1 parent dc9acdcc
......@@ -169,6 +169,10 @@ class ResiliencyTestSuite(object):
# Before doing takeover we expect the instances to be in a stable state
if not self._testPromises():
return False'Testing %s%s instance.' % (self.namebase, clone))
self._doTakeover(self.namebase, clone)
......@@ -192,14 +196,7 @@ class ResiliencyTestSuite(object):
success = self.checkDataOnCloneInstance()
if success:
'Sleeping for %s seconds that new clone is set up.' % self.sleep_time_between_test
return success and self._testPromises()
return False
return True
def _testPromises(self):
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