Commit f6d1bda7 authored by Thomas Gambier's avatar Thomas Gambier 🚴🏼

resilient: find only look into instance/*/srv/backup directories

This prevents find from failing if other parts of the instance have
wrong permissions.
parent a9f3cb5f
...@@ -102,9 +102,10 @@ def synchroniseRunnerWorkingDirectory(config, backup_path): ...@@ -102,9 +102,10 @@ def synchroniseRunnerWorkingDirectory(config, backup_path):
def getBackupFilesModifiedDuringExportList(config, export_start_date): def getBackupFilesModifiedDuringExportList(config, export_start_date):
export_time = time.time() - export_start_date export_time = time.time() - export_start_date
# find all files that were modified during export # find all files that were modified during export
modified_files = subprocess.check_output(( find_arg_list = ['find']
'find', 'instance', '-cmin', str(export_time / 60), '-type', 'f', '-path', '*/srv/backup/*' find_arg_list += glob.glob("instance/*/srv/backup")
)) find_arg_list += '-cmin', str(export_time / 60), '-type', 'f'
modified_files = subprocess.check_output(find_arg_list)
if not modified_files: if not modified_files:
return () return ()
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