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This tab show all process generated by slapgrid for your application. You can click on the process name to display log.

{% if supervisor %} {% for item in supervisor %} {% endfor %}
Partition and Process nameStatusProcess PID UpTime
{{ item[0]}} {{ item[1]}} {{ item[3]}}{{ item[5]}} Restart

Refresh Status Stop all process

{% else %}

No process to display, please run your instance

{% if slap_status %}

Uses parameters below to run your application

{% else %}

No response. Please run Software Instance!


Software Type of main instance

Partitions Parameter

Parameter NameParameter Value [new]

Update Values Load XML
{%if file_path != "" %}

Reload Files {%else%}

Your partitions content is empty yet!
please run your software instance and look for file result here.


Monitoring interface

By clicking on the next link, you can access to the monitoring interface of the instance running inside the webrunner.

Notice that you have to extend the stack monitor in your software release (as explained here) for this weblink to work.

{{ g.instance_monitoring_url }}

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