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This module is supposed to be launched from the "test" instance of a resilient
service (usually deployed using "test" software type).

One entry point, if the service has been deployed
from a "scalability" test node, so with special parameters, will automatically
communicate to an ERP5 TestNode Master, and start the test.

The other entry point is supposed to be run manually from a simple "test"
instance without special parameter, and will manually run the test.

This module contains:
 * The code to start the test from a testnode / manually
 * A Resiliency Test Suite framework (in suites/), used to easily write new
   test suites
 * A list of test suites

 * Check that each partition is in different slapos node.
 * Test for bang calls
 * Be able to configure from ERP5 Master (i.e from instance parameters): count of PBS/clones, then test several possibilities (so called "count" in test suite)
 * Use Nexedi ERP5, when in production.
 * Put the KVM disk image in a safe place.


For reference: How-to deploy the whole test system
1/ Deploy a SlapOS Master
2/ Deploy an ERP5, install erp5_test_result BT with scalability feature (current in scalability-master2 branch of erp5.git) (currently, had to change a few lines in the scalability extension of the portal_class, should be commited)
3/ Configure 3 nodes in the new SlapOS Master, deploy in each a testnode with scalability feature (erp5testnode-scalability branch of slapos.git) with parameters like:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <parameter id="test-node-title">COMP-0-Testnode</parameter>
<parameter id="test-suite-master-url"></parameter>
3bis/ Supply and request on a public node (so that vnc frontends are ok). "domain" parameter should be [ipv6] of partition. ipv4:4443 should be 6tunnelled to ipv6:4443 (Note: here, instead, I just hacked kvm_frontend to listen on ipv6).
3ter/ Supply and request, with any "domain" (it won't be used), on a public node (so that web frontends are ok)
4/ On the ERP5 instance, create a project, a Task Distribution (in portal_task_distribution, type Scalability Task Distribution)
5/ On the ERP5 instance, create a Test Suite, validate it

Note: the slapos nodes are currently deployed using slapos-in-partition.
Note: you have to manually kill -10 the erp5testnode process to start deployment of test because it doesn't know when SR installation is finished.
Note: you have to manually run slapos-node-software --all on the slapos nodes if you are developping the SR you are testing.